Over 65 years of experience in industry and innovation

• 1958

Founded by a local entrepreneur with the aim of making machines for the wood and pallet market.

• 1985-1990

S.I.M.C.A. SPA was taken over by the CORALI group, which was already a leader in the domestic and foreign sector for complete processing lines for pallets, fruit crates and industrial plants in general.

• 1977

It began the construction of corrugated cardboard converting plants and introduced all its know-how acquired up to that point.

• 1979

The first stitching head with an oscillating system for the corrugated sector was produced. This would lead to a significant increase in production. This discovery allowed S.I.M.C.A. SPA to be recognised as a leader in Europe and beyond, signing agreements with large international groups of the calibre of APP, Cheng Long, Sinar Mas among the best known.

• 1989

The first complete converting lines are built in cooperation with the subsidiary Rapidex S.A.

• 1998

The first 924 casemaker is produced, and the new stitching head with increased performance over the previous one.

• 2013

The two-headed stitching machine receives a facelift both in aesthetics and technology, becoming the 3088 EVO3.

• 2015

The Far East market opens up with the supply of stitching heads to be installed on automatic lines from local manufacturers.

• 2017

S.I.M.C.A. SRL undertakes to keep the traditional stitching machines installed at users’ premises up to date.

• 2018

S.I.M.C.A. SRL also begins to supply European converting line manufacturers with its own stitching head, as well as the NEW automatic stitching machine up to 4100 x 1600 mod. 3020EVO3.

• 2020

S.I.M.C.A. SRL opens the door to collaborations with selected Asian companies to meet the ever-changing demands of the market, including the giants JS MACHINE and WEIPONG MACHINERY CO. LTD.

• 2022

Breakthrough year at S.I.M.C.A. SRL

Due to the increased workload, it was necessary to increase the production space in the warehouse and increase the number of employees, so a new production unit was purchased.

Undeterred by the results achieved, the Bizzozero Mica corrugated cardboard brand was acquired.

• 202...

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